• Cybersecurity is the Future: Charles Leaver

  • Posted on May 22, 2016
  • When you study his career since 1982, one can see why Charles Leaver is not just the current CEO of one of the top cybersecurity firms in the world, Ziften, but why he is considered one of the most important tech figures in modern times. Before becoming Ziften's CEO, he previously served as the company's Chairman for a while. However, before that, he was a partner with Trellis Partners, an Austin, Texas venture capital firm. He has experience not only as an entrepreneur and a senior executive, but also on the front lines, in sales and management. He has also been an advisor in a number of tech sectors, especially the mobile and media sectors.

    There is no doubt that Chuck Leaver is an expert when it comes to all aspects of tech and cybersecurity, especially with regard to application software and infrastructure technologies. He has also demonstrated an ability to successfully move companies to push the technological edge and move them into new markets.

    Charles Leaver came into the cybersecurity business by way of his management and operation of some of the most technologically advanced lottery systems in the world, including some on at least three continents. His commitment to the future of cybersecurity comes from his belief that it will always be necessary to secure technology, no matter how advanced we think we are. He points to the coming "Internet of Things" as a movement that will drive massive growth in cybersecurity and he strongly believes his company, Ziften, will be one of the leaders in cybersecurity as the technological revolution moves into its next phase.

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